Zee's Creations

Zee's Creations We are proud to announce that Zees Inc. Housewares & Gifts is now part of Entertaining Essentials, a new brand featuring quality products not only from Zees Inc. but also LSArts, Bella Vita Bags, and Bottoms Up.

You'll find that our beverage and olive oil accessories, plus related gifts and premium products, are a great fit for wineries, liquor stores, kitchen boutiques and olive oil stores.

Carrying On the Proud Tradition of Zees Inc.

For over twenty years, Zees Inc. brought innovation to the industry. They started as Artistic Creations, offering an assortment of yard and garden ware. They gradually added gifts and housewares items that have a crisp “in the now” refined edge to them. With over a dozen trademarked names, Zees Inc. gave America's retailers recognizable products that generated repeat sales.

Now you can find popular products such as Beer Buddy and The Cool Sack here at Entertaining Essentials. These memorable products of exceptional value can be a welcome addition to your store.

Glass Wbs Leaf Blue Clear Edge 14004
Glass Wbs Leaf Blue Clear Edge
Glass Wine Stopper Purple Grapes 14018
Glass Wine Stopper Purple Grapes
Orka Glass Wine Bottle Stopper 14108
Orka Glass Wine Bottle Stopper
Glass Wbs Dolphin Pink 14119
Glass Wbs Dolphin Pink
Blue Bird 14202
Blue Bird
Red Bird 14204
Red Bird
Glass Wbs Hummingbird M.C. 14208
Glass Wbs Hummingbird M.C.
Glass Wbs Giraffe 14305
Glass Wbs Giraffe
Glass Wbs Fox 14307
Glass Wbs Fox
Glass Wbs Bull 14310
Glass Wbs Bull
Glass Wbs Bear 14311
Glass Wbs Bear
Glass Wbs Horse Rearing 14315
Glass Wbs Horse Rearing
Glass Wbs Golfball -Red 14403
Glass Wbs Golfball -Red
Glass Wbs Golfball Blue 14404
Glass Wbs Golfball Blue
Glass Wbs Boot Red 14505
Glass Wbs Boot Red
Glass Wbs Music Notes Black 14604
Glass Wbs Music Notes Black
Glass Wbs Round Snowman W/ Candy 14705
Glass Wbs Round Snowman W/ Candy
Gemstoppers - Green Fluorite GS1001
Gemstoppers - Green Fluorite
Gemstoppers - Snowflake Obsidian GS1002
Gemstoppers - Snowflake Obsidian
Gemstoppers - Zebra Amethyst GS1003
Gemstoppers - Zebra Amethyst
Gemstoppers - Sodalite GS1004
Gemstoppers - Sodalite
Gemstoppers - African Turquoise GS1005
Gemstoppers - African Turquoise
Gemstoppers - Rock Quartz GS1006
Gemstoppers - Rock Quartz
Gemstoppers - Rock Rose Quartz GS1007
Gemstoppers - Rock Rose Quartz
Gemstoppers - Red Aventurine GS1008
Gemstoppers - Red Aventurine
Gemstoppers - Labradorite GS2001
Gemstoppers - Labradorite
Gemstoppers - Ruby GS2002
Gemstoppers - Ruby
Gemstoppers - Rock Quartz Points GS2003
Gemstoppers - Rock Quartz Points
Gemstoppers - Aura Quartz GS2004
Gemstoppers - Aura Quartz
Gemstoppers - White Howlite Tumbled GS2005
Gemstoppers - White Howlite Tumbled
Gemstoppers - Zebra Amethyst Tumbled GS2006
Gemstoppers - Zebra Amethyst Tumbled
Gemstoppers - Rose Quartz Tumbled GS2007
Gemstoppers - Rose Quartz Tumbled
Gemstoppers - Turquenite GS2008
Gemstoppers - Turquenite
Set of 16 Gem Stoppers GS3000-ASST
Set of 16 Gem Stoppers
Gemstoppers - Brazil Agate Thick-Cut GS3001
Gemstoppers - Brazil Agate Thick-Cut
Gemstoppers - Amethyst Cluster GS3002
Gemstoppers - Amethyst Cluster
Gemstoppers - Quartz Cluster GS3008
Gemstoppers - Quartz Cluster
Ammonite Half-Cut Bottle Stopper GS4001
Ammonite Half-Cut Bottle Stopper
Sea Urchin Bottle Stopper GS4002
Sea Urchin Bottle Stopper
Orthoceras Bottle Stopper GS4003
Orthoceras Bottle Stopper
Petrified Wood Bottle Stopper GS4004
Petrified Wood Bottle Stopper
Clam Shell Bottle Stopper GS4005
Clam Shell Bottle Stopper
Ammonite Smooth Bottle Stopper GS4006
Ammonite Smooth Bottle Stopper
Horn Bottle Stopper GS4007
Horn Bottle Stopper
Ammonite Rustic Bottle Stopper GS4008
Ammonite Rustic Bottle Stopper
Vacuum Pump W/2 Stoppers Circles PS112
Vacuum Pump W/2 Stoppers Circles
Vacuum Pump W/2 Stoppers Golf PS113
Vacuum Pump W/2 Stoppers Golf
Vacuum Wine Stoppers Circles VS112
Vacuum Wine Stoppers Circles
Vacuum Wine Stopper Golf VS113
Vacuum Wine Stopper Golf