Zee's Creations

Zee's Creations We are proud to announce that Zees Inc. Housewares & Gifts is now part of Entertaining Essentials, a new brand featuring quality products not only from Zees Inc. but also LSArts, Bella Vita Bags, and Bottoms Up.

You'll find that our beverage and olive oil accessories, plus related gifts and premium products, are a great fit for wineries, liquor stores, kitchen boutiques and olive oil stores.

Carrying On the Proud Tradition of Zees Inc.

For over twenty years, Zees Inc. brought innovation to the industry. They started as Artistic Creations, offering an assortment of yard and garden ware. They gradually added gifts and housewares items that have a crisp “in the now” refined edge to them. With over a dozen trademarked names, Zees Inc. gave America's retailers recognizable products that generated repeat sales.

Now you can find popular products such as Beer Buddy and The Cool Sack here at Entertaining Essentials. These memorable products of exceptional value can be a welcome addition to your store.